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About Gali Satta

Gali Satta is a type under satta matka which is played in India and everyone gets the result of this at the same time. Gali satta king is a type of ghadiya game of satta matka. The results of gali satta are announced at 11:15 p.m. The naming of this is still unknown and no one can narrate any story regarding the naming of gali satta. Betting games are illegal in the country but the law is not able to control the urge of people wanting to play and dreaming of winning big from the satta king. The popularity of Gali satta is increasing and the results of this game can be checked online as there are several websites dedicated solely for these purposes.

How to place a bet in Gali Satta:-

Gali satta matka is based on Ghadiya type of satta Matka, so here the rules are similar to ghadiya rules. The participant has to choose 3 numbers from a set given, the set is from numbers 10- 100, he can bet on this and if the number wins it, he is going to get 90 times the amount staked by him. For instance, if the participant has staked 10 he will get 900, the participants think that they are going to lose only 10 bucks anyways and if they win can get 900, so they find satta king appealing. This purely depends on luck and any number can appear so what the player needs is luck and not skills. The time for announcing Gali satta results is fixed, the results are announced at 11:15 p.m and anyone can just go online to check the result. There are many websites for this purpose made by satta King, the market for this commonly known as satta bazaar opens at 9 in the morning and goes on till midnight.