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About Desawar Satta

Desawar Satta is a type of matka game where one can earn a fortune by betting on numbers. It is the oldest form of satta matka and a person can bet according to his wish, the results are published online for the convenience of the individual. This is related to the ghadiya section of satta matka. Just to give an idea of how popular desawar satta king is, approximately 10 to 15 lakhs of satta(bets) are put on various numbers daily. The amount staked is multiplied by 90 for distributing the winning amount. While revealing the desawar result the number with the lowest bid is usually chosen. Satta king are the ones who are mostly into the desawar satta. The results are announced the next day at 5 in the morning.

How to place a bet in Desawar Satta:-

The Rules and procedures to place a bet on a number in desawar satta king is quite similar to other forms of satta matka. The person who wants to place a bet has to pick a number between 10-100 and has to put a bet against the number chosen by him. The betting amount on a number starts from 10 to the maximum the player wishes to place a bet but in some cases, the agents don’t allow anything more than 5000, just in case the player wins the bookie has to pay an enormous amount and will be under loss. Desawar satta king results can be checked online by the participants, the result is announced the next day at 5:15 a.m. There are various websites which allow the players to be updated with the result and to be on track. Usually, the number with the lowest bid is chosen however even the punters can be lucky.